DMK Coastal & Marine Projects

Manasota Key Public Beach Improvements

The Sarasota County Parks and Recreation Department desired  improvements to the Manasota Key Public Beach located on Manasota Key.  The desired improvements included the removal and replacement of the "Manasota Scenic Boardwalk". 

Improvements required a FDEP Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) permit, Sarasota County Gulf Beach Setback Line Written Conditioned Exception (WCE) and a FDEP Environmental Resource Permit.

Venice Pier Parking Phase 2

The City of Venice selected DMK for the Venice Pier Parking Project to provide improvements to the existing shell lot and to eliminate a severe flooding problem. DMK surveyors and engineers worked with the City and the Southwest Florida Water Management District staff to design the new parking facilities, bathhouse, dune walkovers and other improvements while protecting an adjacent Scrub-Jay habitat. 

DMK engineers also revised the outdated water and sewer systems that served the restaurant at the pier and provided the construction phase services to ensure the project was built according to the proposed plans.

Maxine Barritt Park

DMK performed civil engineering design, as well as complete permitting services for this City of Venice Park, located on a decommissioned wastewater treatment plant site adjacent to the Venice Airport and the Venice Pier. This design/build project included parking, access drives, restrooms, pavilion and shelter locations, playground area, plaza area, boardwalks, multipurpose trails and beach/dune lookouts.

DMK was responsible for all aspects of the civil engineering including coastal permitting, stormwater management, utilities as well as performing construction management services. The project implemented low impact design (LID) features including porous concrete and grass parking. An ERP permit was applied for and obtained from the Tampa office of FDEP. The Tallahassee office of Beaches and Shores Department issued a CCCL permit, while the sewer and water service permit was obtained from FDEP.